The training offered by the Olivaint Conference is based on the following values


The Olivaint Conference is a place of meeting and dialogue respectful of the opinions and confessions of everyone, as long as they are compatible with the founding principles of democratic societies. It does not tolerate any discrimination based on race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, social, territorial or linguistic origin. The Olivaint Conference is also independent, notably from any political party, any religious institution or any social actor.


The Olivaint Conference encourages its members and guests to take positions and to debate. It requires an active participation of its members and supports their initiatives insofar as they are compatible with its Purpose, its Values and its Project.


The Olivaint Conference aims at offering a multidisciplinary training in the political, legal, economic, technical, scientific, philosophical and ethical aspects of governance. This multidisciplinary approach is reflected in its academic program.


The Olivaint Conference is a meeting place for students from all communities and regions of Belgium. Its working languages are French and Dutch. Each member is able to understand both working languages and is free to express himself/herself in one of them. Adherence to the values of the Olivaint Conference is a condition for the admission of its Members and the choice of its guests.


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Thematic meetings
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