5 March 2020

Thematic meetings

During the academic year, members take part in 10 thematic meetings in Brussels on Saturday afternoon. These meetings are comprised of three activities, linked to the theme of the meeting.





Prior to the thematic meetings, members are asked to give their opinion on societal issues by writing articles in the internal journal of the Olivaint’s Conference, “Contact”, which is handed out during the thematic meetings and published on this website. These journalistic exercises are reviewed, and a prize is awarded each year to the author of the best article. Students are also encouraged to publish opinion articles in the Belgian press.

Internal Journal Contact



Public speaking

Speaking exercises allow members to familiarize themselves with elocution techniques and to acquire a certain ease in public speaking. The range of public speaking exercises is wide, ranging from summarizing or conviction exercises on a chosen theme, improvisations on topical issues or simply free exercises to express one’s convictions. These exercises take place in the presence of a corrector who gives a critical assessment of the members’ performances; the other members also share their opinions and advice.




At each meeting, members have the opportunity to meet a personality from the political, economic, social or cultural world. It is a privileged opportunity to discover, learn and discuss a specific topic with a renowned speaker.  A report of each of these conferences is published in our journal “Contact”.