10 April 2020



Members of the Olivaint Conference are students from Belgian universities and colleges, both French and Dutch speaking. Their number is limited to about forty people in order to ensure work of the highest quality.

The Olivaint programme is spread over a two-year cycle. Students who have completed the full course receive a certificate of participation. Afterwards, they will become alumni of the Olivaint Conference.

MEMBERS 2021-2022

Student’s bureau

Every year, members elect their bureau. The bureau elaborates a strategy for the upcoming year. It takes part in the organisation of the Conference’s activities, ensures that all rules are enforced and that all these activities are running smoothly.

Board of directors

The Olivaint Conference takes the legal form of a non-profit organization whose articles of association were published in the Annexes of the “Moniteur belge” on April 1, 1971, amended on July 13, 1972 and March 4, 1980. The Olivaint Conference is placed under the direction of a Board of Directors composed of voluntary members elected for a 4-year term by the General Assembly. The Board supervises the organization of activities and the work of the students. It is advised by a financial committee.


The conference is supported by a network of more than 1.100 alumni, among which some are members of the General Assembly, which elects the members of the Board of Directors. They take part in the works of the Conference as guests or revisers and financially support the Conference. This underlines the vital support of the Alumni, who are fully part of the organisation and its activities.

Alumni’s words