Eloquence competition 2018

Olivaint’s annual eloquence competition took place on the 8th of March.



Sponsored by LaLibre

The large audience was welcomed in the premises of La Libre.
Because of its particular architecture, a feeling of openness, transparency and accessibility emanates from the building, a set of characteristics that are part of the values advocated by the newspaper. Mr. le Hodey stressed in his welcoming remarks that the newspaper wants to be welcoming for all. The President of the Conference has thanked him warmly for his hospitality.


The audience

Full house! A certain hubbub, faces full of hope and for many, a new opportunity to meet again in a pleasant and positive atmosphere. The Olivaint Conference was introduced successively by Mr. Philippe Lambrecht, President of the Board of Directors, and by Mr. François Guillaume Eggermont, President of the Student Office. Each in his own way describes the context and the organization, referring to both the past and the present situation. A special thanks is addressed to the sponsors, alumni, families and friends who support Olivaint both financially and through punctual help; they ensure the continuity of the Conference’s activities. But it is time to free up the podium to make room for the students…


The competition

In a very dynamic way, Lina Achour introduces  the 12 participants and their respective topics. She switches easily from Dutch to French, thereby highlighting the multilingual aspect of the Conference. After the introduction, participants deal with a subject in pairs, defending the thesis and the antithesis. They eventually answer a question from the jury.


With the exception of the very trending theme of ‘green capitalism’, the topics covered are more of a philosophical nature, such as ‘free will’ or ‘desire’. The candidates successfully manage to capture and maintain the audience’s attention during their presentation.


The students thoroughly prepared their topics. They were coached by Mr. François Gehot of the Two Cents Agency. The result was spectacular, and translated the intensity of the effort and the quality of the advice given. The public applauded enthusiastically!

List of competitors and their topic


The jury’s sentence

While the Jury gathered to deliberate, the rest of the assembly moved to the main hall where a reception was being held. Family and friends surrounded and encouraged the olivaint students.


The Jury, chaired by Mr Mark Eyskens, Minister of State, appears on the grand staircase. Everyone in the room holds their breath…

Mr. Eyskens expresses the admiration of all jury members for the performances of all participants. Being himself a great linguist and poetry lover, he congratulates them on their performance and stresses the importance of eloquence.

He then announced the names of the first three winners.

ClĂ©ment Trouveroy (F), first laureate, Jean-Jacques Masquelin’s award
Pierre-Louis Renard (F), second laureate
Pierre-Charles de Dorlodot (F), third laureate


Audience’s favorite:
Pierre-Louis Renard




The participants put their heart and soul into this eloquence competition by putting all their talent into it. They form a close-knit team and demonstrated that they are worthy representatives of the Olivaint Conference. With the enthusiasm of their youth and their strong determination, they managed to outdo themselves and contribute to the reputation of the organization.

Congratulations to all the participants, to Mrs. Fabienne Legrand and Mr. François De Cort, administrators of the Olivaint Conference and organizers of the competition, and to all those who contributed to the success of this evening!