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Olivaint Conference of Belgium

   Copyright 2011 - 2014 - Royal Association Conference Olivaint of Belgium  | Contact | Support Olivaint | Sitemap | Mentions légales / Wettelijke vermeldingen |


Members students 2015-2016 in ZevenkerkenMembers of the Olivaint Conference are students at various Belgian Universities and Professional Schools, both French- and Dutch-speaking.

Applications for membership can be addressed to the President of the Olivaint Conference in the form of a motivation letter and curriculum vitae (cf. Becoming a member). The number of students admitted per academic year is limited to 40 to ensure the quality of the education provided. Members elect their President and a Students’ Board, which take an active part in the organisation of the activities..

Members 2015 - 2016

List of the members

of the previous years

Every Alumnus can update the member list with a mail to webmaster.

Amélie David

Margot De Wolf

Thomas Deckers

Marie Delcourt

Thomas Devenyns

Amélie Dopchie

Charlotte Durieux

François-Guillaume Eggermont

Adil El Madani

Jérôme Fagelson

Sébastien Francotte

Laure Friart

Gilles Hachez

Clémence Hannecart

Brice Hennen

Antoine Khalil

Gaël Lambert

Aymeric Lannoy

Romain Lavarra

Enovic Lecocq

Margaux Moulin

Naomi N’sa

Elisabeth Nagy

Grégoire Pabis

Grégoire Peeters

Sébastien Popijn

Marine Puel

Mathilde Renard

Merzouk Marino

San Lorenzo

Laurent Serrier

Jacqueline Swaegers

Adam Tricha

Toon Van Coillie


Van den Meerssche


Van den Meerssche


Van der Straten

Louise Vanden Bussche

Brieuc Viérin

Arthur Vryghem

Alexandre Wallemacq